What will our coastal ecosystems look like in 100 years?

I am interested in understanding how coastal ecosystems respond to climate variability and human development.  Much of my work to date has involved forests of giant kelp and mangroves.  My research combines remote sensing,  field work (both on land and under the sea), and statistical modeling.  Read more…

Contact: kcavanaugh at geog dot ucla dot edu



New paper in Global Change Biology: Combining physiological threshold experiments with climate modeling to predict range expansion in mangroves

We have a new paper in Ecology that examines how defining habitat patches in a metapopulation impacts the dynamics of the metapopulation.  Check it out here.

Our paper examining the poleward expansion of mangroves in Florida has been published in PNAS. Check it out here.

Press coverage:  nytLogo weatherchannel npr-logo


Our paper investigating the poleward expansion of mangroves forests in Florida has just been accepted at PNAS! Stay tuned for more details…

Our paper examining the relationships between taxonomic diversity, functional diversity, and aboveground carbon storage in tropical forests has been accepted at Global Ecology and Biogeography! Stay tuned for more details. To learn more about the datasets we used for this project, visit the Tropical Ecology Assessment & Monitoring Network.

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